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Ultimate Fighting: 101

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Submission – this is one of the ways a fighter can win in UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship). To win by submission, a fighter either imposes a choke-hold on their opponent or brings their opponent’s joints to their maximum range of motion, causing extreme pain. The opponent then “submits” instead of having all five of their fingers broken. Seems like a logical next step.

And so begins our journey of explaining mixed martial arts and the UFC.

The UFC is the largest Mixed Martial Arts promotion company in North America. MMA is a style of fighting which essentially allows for fighters to incorporate techniques from many fighting styles to win matches including judo, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay Thai, kickboxing and karate. Fights are carried out in an Octagon shaped area to allow for most flexibility and as few corners as possible (wrestling is in a circle, boxing is in a square – so an octagon makes perfect sense, right?).

The biggest Canadian MMA fighter is probably George St. Pierre (GSP) the current welterweight champion of UFC.  He is a huge star on the UFC circuit and last year in Toronto, a record was set for UFC attendance at the Rogers Centre – as an astounding 55724 people turned up to watch GSP take on Jake Sheilds, and American fighter. Clearly there is a fan base and clearly MMA isn’t going away.

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