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British Open Basics

Posted By sports gal

toradol uk The British Open (or as most golf fans will refer to it – The Open) is set to commence this Sunday with a field that includes some of the biggest names in golf. Tiger Woods didn’t do broadcasters any favours while off earlier this year, but is sure to bring some drama to the Open. Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson will be there as well.

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glycomet trio 1 price If you are a non-golf fan (and there are many) it is hard to imagine what sort of thrill or excitement could come from watching a week’s worth of golf. Players plodding along, picking clubs, squatting and staring at a tiny white ball and doing calculus in their heads as they commit to hitting a ball at an angle and speed “just right”, so it pops into a little holeā€¦.it can all seem a little long and pointless.

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accutane uk buy But there is beauty in golf. In its precision and in its pressure. It is a game of mental strength and where true champions prove themselves by bearing down and getting the job done. Learn more about the open via the official website and stay tuned to The Cheat Sheet for updates next week.

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