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Sports Culture: Sterling Case Goes from Bad to Worse

Posted By sports gal

The media has been buzzing around Donald Sterling for a couple of weeks now since the former Los Angeles Clippers owner was heard making racist comments towards his then-girlfriend and assistant in the stands. While the NBA has taken this situation very seriously, banning Sterling from the team and league, the incident has since then gone from bad to worse as Sterling testifies in court.

The trial that could finally put end to this messy situation began on Monday, where Sterling and a team of lawyers challenged his wife’s right to sell the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Shelly Sterling, who has been working with the NBA, negotiated a league-record payout for the franchise of $2 billion.

After multiple attempts for a delay in the case from Donald Sterling, the hearing proceeded followed by strange, rude, and outrageous behavior from the former Clippers owner. In a combative manner, Sterling was reported to have said that the NBA was the worst corporation in the world and that he was sports’ most punished man, all while accusing the NBA commissioner of stealing money. To top everything off, social media went crazy as reports came out that Sterling called his wife, Shelly, a “pig” as she got off the stand.

Due to all of the uproar, the judge has now predicted that the trial will not end by its set date of July 15th. Until then, we can expect more headlines to come from Sterling and his estranged behaviors.

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