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Our Community

We at The Gal’s Got Game® treat women’s advancement very seriously. It’s the only thing we take seriously.  We are part of a community of like-minded individuals, companies and organizations who believe that investing in and developing women are essential to progress.  We truly appreciate the support they have given us in building and raising the awareness of The Gal’s Got Game®. buy generic modafinil online uk And here’s what the fabulous women who have joined us on our sports journey have to say:

“I have to say I love these newsletters. I really think you are on to something. I can’t stand sports but you are right, when told as a compelling story it is much more interesting.”

–          Leah E., Toronto 


“Love these updates! These nuggets of info really do give me game! The few seconds it takes to read these items really does enable me to somewhat hold my own and participate in sports conversations. Thank-you!!!!”

–  Zorianna K., L.A. 

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“OMG LOVE! Tell Rekha congrats and I’m signing up. This is EXACTLY what I need!”

 –  Pooja J., London. 


“Yes really like the site.  Very useful- am having it come to my work e-mail address to keep me updated for client meetings since mine is a male dominated world…  “

– Ginny O., Vancouver


I think what you are doing is amazing!  As a new college graduate in the states, my aunt gave me a copy of “Games Mother Never Taught You” by Betty Lehan Harrigan and I’ve always kept in mind the corporate/sports connection.    As a former Pittsburgher, keeping up with the Steelers was a must if you wanted to be involved in conversations at work.  So glad to see you promoting more engagement from women in such a large cultural driver in North America.  Best of luck in your venture, and I look forward to your daily updates.”  

– Jennifer V., Toronto


“I love this service!  They do a great job on hockey. They also remind us that football and baseball are important too!  And of course no gal should miss their primer on UFC and MMA…”

–  Tracey M., Vancouver


“Your site looks so interesting (and needed!).  Case in point: I had a father who played in the CFL for 10 years and up until a few years ago I thought his position was ‘defense of line man’ (almost the same thing…but not quite, right :).  Needless to say, I’ve signed up for your newsletters.”  

– Laura M., Winnipeg

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