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NHL Hockey: The Bromance to End all Bromances

Posted By sports gal

Yes, Yes, the ice bucket challenge has been awesome and it has been TALKED about. But how can we not talk about the continuing bromance between Eddie Lack and Roberto Luongo?

They are the two best friends that anyone could have, ripped apart by Luongo’s trade from Vancouver, back to Florida. On his departure, Luongo tweeted “And take care of my boy Eddie Lack for me. He’s a great talent and an even better person!” Eddie Lack was not optimistic, tweeting “:’( #bromanceover”

However, he fretted too soon! When the Canucks called for a contest to design Lack’s 2014-2015 mask, Luongo submitted his own Lack-Luongo bromace themed design.

Lack has now nominated Roberto Luongo for the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge in his sleep. “Loooo, Looo…I nominate youuu, youuu,” Lack chants in his “sleep” while cuddling a Florida Panthers jersey, before having water dumped on himself in his bed. Of course, Luongo could not turn his buddy down, replying, “@eddielack probably creepiest thing I’ve EVER seen but aiiiiiiight…..Challenge accepted!!! #ASLIceBucketChallenge”.

Check out the video here.

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