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MMA 101: Unlocking the Secrets of Mixed Martial Arts

Posted By sports gal

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has popularized Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to the point where it’s considered a mainstream sport. It can still be intimidating for newbies though, so let’s replace that fear with knowledge, staring with the ‘armbar.’

One of the basic ways to win an MMA match is by ‘submitting the opponent.’ This means that one of the fighters is in so much pain that they give up the fight by tapping their opponent to indicate their submission. One of the ways to earn a submission victory is by applying an armbar. This move is a joint lock that hyperextends the elbow joint, most often applied by trapping the opponents arm between the legs and holding with the hands. Pressure is applied by stretching out the body.

If it sounds painful, it’s because it is. Men who train for years of their life will give up a fight in seconds if it’s properly applied.  Now when your watching a UFC pay per view, you can impress your friends by pointing out this devastating technique. Show your pals who’s not faint of heart!

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