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MLB: American League Update

Posted By sports gal

It’s been a busy last week the American League. The Los Angeles Angels and Baltimore Orioles secured home-field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, thanks to their team records. The Detroit Tigers clinched a playoff spot, but still haven’t managed to claim the Central Division title yet; the Kansas City Royals are still hanging in. Both Wild Card spots are still undecided, although the Royals and Oakland Athletics currently hold the top two spots, respectively.

Things to watch this weekend:
-The Seattle Mariners are in tough at home against the Angels to end the season. They need to win their last three games, and hope the Royals or Athletics lose big this weekend, just so Seattle can compete for a Wild Card spot.
-The Cleveland Indians are next on the chopping block in the Wild Card race, with an elimination margin even slimmer than Seattle’s. They’ll have to play their best baseball against the Tampa Bay Rays to keep their playoff hopes alive.
-Scott Kazmir and the Athletics were unseated for the top Wild Card spot this week. Although they still technically have a playoff berth, it’s a good thing they’re playing the Texas Rangers (who would rather get their dismal 2014 over with as soon as possible).

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