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Danica Patrick – Mid Career Jitters? Nope.

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Car racing is one of the biggest sports in America and one of the most famous drivers in the world is a woman: Danica Patrick.   Patrick is a fearless self promoter, looks great on the red carpet, has made millions from nothing and doesn’t seem to mind chicks in bikinis and cars – as long as the chick in the bikini is her!

Patrick used used to drive Indycar (the cars that sit low to the ground and are open to the sky. They  are a little longer with exposed wheels) but has recently made the switch to NASCAR (more regular looking cars, completely enclosed except they are covered with logos). She has her first NASCAR race this coming Sunday, Feb 26th in Daytona at the International Speedway.

There is a lot of chatter about whether or not she has signed a death-sentence, switching mid-career from Indycar to NASCAR, but only time will tell. Patrick had only ever won one race and that was in 2008 in Japan and it was more of a novelty that a woman had won than anything else.  Patrick has a lot to prove this weekend.

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