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Cricket: Australia in the Ashes

Posted By sports gal

If you haven’t heard of the Ashes, here’s your chance to get to know one of the most storied athletic series in international sport. The Ashes is a cricket tournament played every two years over the course of a month and a half between England and Australia.

For those who aren’t familiar with the sport of cricket, it’s very similar to baseball. Played on a pitch (the central strip of the cricket field) using a cricket bat, players attempt to hit the ball as far as they can to allow them to run to the other end of the pitch to score a run, while players from the other team collect the ball from the pitch. The specific type of cricket played in the Ashes is known as “Test cricket,” the longest of all cricket games that is played over the course of five days.

The location of the Ashes alternates between England and Australia, with this year’s series taking place at five venues throughout England. As of today, the first two tests have been played, with England taking both matches. The final three tests are set to be played from August 1-5, August 9-13 and August 21-25.

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