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Cricket 101

Posted By sports gal

If you’ve ever heard someone discussing cricket, its possible they were talking about the bug, but more likely they were talking about the fascinating sport!

Cricket is an extremely popular sport around the world, particularly in Australasia, England, India and South Africa.

To get a visual of what it might look like, baseball is probably the best sport to compare to. In cricket, each team consists of 11 players on a circular field, with a rectangular shaped pitch in the centre. It’s the player’s objective to take turns at bat and try to score as many runs as possible. The batter will try and hit the ball far enough, giving him an opportunity to run to the other side of the pitch to score a run. Batsman can stay on the pitch til they have been dismissed (or get an ‘out’). After ten batsman have been dismissed, the teams will then switch positions.

Cricket has made only one Olympic appearance at the 1900 Summer Olympics in France, but perhaps with its rising popularity, the sport may be able to return once again!

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